Parking during restricted (peak) hours - majority of week days

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Added by RichyP

Vehicle parking restrictions on major arterial routes into Oxford are unenforced or rarely enforced, resulting in reduced road capacity and increased conflict between vehicles and cyclists.

St Clements, Westbound (No waiting Mon-Sat 07:30 - 09:30) (Obstructed 4/6 journeys)
Woodstock Road shops by St Giles Church (Mandatory cycle lane) (Obstructed 5/5 journeys)
St Clements, Eastbound (Mandatory cycle lane) (Obstructed 4/6 journeys)

(Obstructions noted during an informal survey using cycle cam video from seven days of weekday commuting.)

Reported June 2016 to my city councillor (for Headington). Comments passed on but no action taken.


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